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What is an editorial report?

An editorial report is a smaller version of a full developmental edit. It's for when you want to check that the core components of your story (namely the pacing, plot, character development and structure) are all working. The report should provide you with valuable insight into how you can take your novel to the next level and get it ready for querying to agents or for further editing.

What is the process?

The first step of an editorial report is for me to read your full manuscript and make notes on which elements are strong and which need further attention. I then compile a detailed report that highlights what is working well and what improvements you can make going forward, giving examples where possible.

Note: an editorial report does not include any copy-editing or in-line comments. It also does not include a 1-hour post-report call as standard, although you can choose to add this on for an additional £25.

What does it cost?

50k–70k words = £490

71k–90k words = £630

91k–110k words = £770

111k–130k words = £910

For anything shorter than 50k or longer than 130k, drop me an email and I can provide a quote.


Getting started

Click the button below to request an editorial report and I will get in touch to discuss your project. Once you have paid the 50% non-refundable deposit, you can send me your manuscript. Full critiques usually take up to two weeks.

Jess has provided critiques, and so much more, for both my debut and follow up novel. She has been a pleasure to work with, spotting holes, suggesting tweaks and giving professional tips, to ensure the finished product is nicely polished.


I would highly recommend her services, and indeed I already have. Book three will be sure to be heading her way in the near future.

Working with Jess has been wonderful! The feedback I received from the critique was thorough, insightful, and worth reading again and again.


I'm looking at my story with all new eyes. This has been my biggest editing asset so far!

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