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About the Editor

I went freelance as a copy-editor in 2018 after spending four years in marketing. I've always been firmly planted in the writing world, working on my own books, but after moving into an editorial role at my previous job, I found I liked that side of things just as much and decided to train up.



  • First-Class Honours in Creative Writing.

  • B/B- in the Chapterhouse Proofreading and Copy-editing course.

  • Pass in Introduction to Copy-Editing by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

  • Pass in Copy-Editing Headway by the CIEP.

  • Pass in Editing Fiction by Publishing Training Centre.

  • Intermediate Member of the CIEP.

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About the Human

I've been a writer since I could hold a pen. Here, you will see my first print book, Elliot the Cat. Words and pictures all my own. It had a print run of one and was very well received by my mother.

I went on to study Creative Writing at university where I had three more published stories – proper ones this time, not written in crayon.

It was around this time I realised I was a pedant. We all have our flaws, it can't be helped – but it can be put to use. So I became a copy-editor. Now I get paid to point out missing apostrophes instead of just losing friends over it. Every cloud, eh?


  • Fantasy

  • Sci-Fi

  • Romance

  • Crime / Thriller

  • YA / Adult / MG


  • Non-fiction

  • Memoir / biography

  • Poetry

  • Academic text

  • AI-produced writing

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