I found Jess great and easy to work with. She replies fast to emails and even kept me up-to-date about the progress while she was editing.


She also gave me the option to spread my payments, which I greatly appreciated since an editor is expensive but she's worth the money. I'll definitely work with her again in the future!

Working with Jess has been wonderful! The feedback I received from the manuscript critique was thorough, insightful, and worth reading again and again. I'm looking at my story with all new eyes. This has been my biggest editing asset so far!

Edwin Tan


Jess is very meticulous and detailed in the editing process, and she understands the author's style and tries to retain it as much as possible.


The feedback she gives is top-notch; even in copy-editing/proofreading, she works along with the author in ensuring that the novel's plot, world-building, and characters are coherent and written in the best possible way.

My story is 100% sharper and more coherent because of Jess' work. I was grateful that she had the sense of humor and spirit to appreciate Super Problems; a lot of editors wouldn't. So that really helped.


Jess was available on short notice, efficient, easy to work with, and did a great job. I would absolutely recommend her!

Ricky Leone


The lottery of landing the right editor can make or break a book. In that respect, Jess was a winning ticket for me. Her laser-focused insights revealed story conflicts I never would have seen, and I cringe at the thought of publishing my book without Jess' eloquent analysis and fine-tuning. Her collaborative efforts to make my manuscript the absolute best it could be—as if it were her own—there's no substitute for that passion and level of commitment.


Moreover, her well-thought-out and articulate feedback improved me as a writer, and those are advances I can carry book after book for the rest of my writing journey. Suffice it to say, diamonds aren't easy to come by in life, and I wholeheartedly recommend Jess for your editing process as well!

Jess was the second of several editors I've now worked with and, honestly, I should have stopped after her because when you reach the top, you should stop!

Her feedback was detailed, thorough and insightful, and her comments have carried me through many another project. She was unfailingly positive while at the same time ensuring that the manuscript was tweaked and polished to perfection.

I often re-read her comments before starting a major edit to remind myself of what to look for. Can't recommend her enough.

Jess really helped me connect to my story as a bigger picture.


Her edits were valuable and working with her helped bring my story to the next level.

I was lucky enough to win a free query critique from Jess. She helped me improve on my query and synopsis to take them to the next step. The first synopsis I sent her was all over the place, and she edited some of it, then sent it back for me to improve so she could take another look, instead of just leaving me with that little bit.


Jess's line edits and big picture comments and suggestions were incredibly helpful. With the great straightforward feedback, I'll be able to take it beyond the first pages and throughout the rest of my manuscript.