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What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing is all about getting the foundations of your story firmly set. It's a big-picture review of your novel that takes into account all the key aspects of good storytelling, including:

  • Pace

  • Structure

  • Voice

  • Plot

  • Character development

What is the process?

Developmental editing starts with me reading your full manuscript to get a feel for the story and how it works in its current state. As I go through, I will leave in-line comments pointing to specific parts that I enjoy or that need some work, giving examples where possible for how you can make improvements. I will also do some light copy-editing on the first chapter or so to give you an idea of what errors to look out for in the rest of your writing.

After fully reviewing the manuscript, I write up a detailed report that compiles my overall thoughts on the story with regards to the key elements listed above. The aim of this report is to highlight the areas in which your manuscript excels and which parts require some attention. If I've spotted any consistent 'habits' that I think are worth pointing out (such as overuse of certain words), I'll mention those here too so you can track them down in future projects.

Once I've sent the manuscript and report back to you, we can set up a 1-hour call to talk through the comments. This is your opportunity to ask for clarification on any points I raised, or to discuss possible solutions to any problems.

What does it cost?

Developmental editing costs £14 per 1000 words and a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book in your slot. Payment plans are available on request.

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