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Copy-editing focuses on each line, fixing the smaller errors that can disrupt a story, such as:


  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes

  • Consistency (eg. hyphenation and names)

  • Repetition of words and phrases

  • Sentence and paragraph structure

  • Awkward phrasing or missing information


What's the process?

I mark edits using Word’s Track Changes feature, which means you can easily see what changes I've made, and you can accept or reject them with a single click. Any edits that require more thought or input from the author, I raise as a Comment for us to discuss.


What does it cost?

Copy-editing is priced on a per-project basis. I offer a free sample edit of 1,500 words to give you a feel for my editing style and to allow me to understand how much work is needed. After this, I can provide you with an accurate quote. As a rough guide, copy-editing tends to cost between £0.01 and £0.015 per word.

To ensure cost doesn't stop you from making your manuscript the best it can be, I am open to discussing tailored editing services and payment plans. Feel free to reach out for details.

Does it have to be a full manuscript?

No. If you would prefer to have, say, just the first 10,000 words edited, then we can work with that. I do offer services tailored for querying authors, which includes shorter copy-edits, so it's worth taking a look at that page here.

Getting started

Click the button below to request a free sample edit. If you agree to go ahead with a full edit, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once this is paid, you can send me your manuscript.

My story is 100% sharper and more coherent because of Jess' work. I was grateful that she had the sense of humor and spirit to appreciate Super Problems; a lot of editors wouldn't. So that really helped.


Jess was available on short notice, efficient, easy to work with, and did a great job. I would absolutely recommend her!

Working with Jess has been wonderful – she helped me make my book the best it could be. I was a little intimidated by the thought of working with an editor, but she made me feel completely at ease with her kindness and words of encouragement.


Her feedback was thorough and constructive, but she also commented on positive things which made it so much better. If you're looking for an editor, Jess is perfect for it!

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