Copy-editing comes after developmental review and before proofreading. It focuses on line-by-line editing, fixing the smaller errors that can disrupt a story, such as:


  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes

  • Consistency (eg. hyphenation and names)

  • Repetition of words and phrases

  • Sentence and paragraph structure

  • Awkward phrasing or missing information


What's the process?

I mostly use Word’s Track Changes feature. If you request it, I can work on a hard copy of the document and use the BSI proofreading marks.


Unless you provide a style guide as part of the brief, I will defer to my own – typically this will follow a form of the Guardian and Observer style guides.


What do you get?

Generally, I provide all clients with the following on completion of a job:

  • A tracked-changes Word file

  • A comments-only Word file

  • If requested, I can also provide the above as PDFs.


Please note that I am not available to provide professional formatting services such as templating eBooks for self-publication.


What does it cost?

I offer a free sample edit to all prospective clients, to give you a feel for my editing style and to allow me to understand how much work is needed. After this, I can provide you with an accurate quote. As a rough guide, copy-editing tends to cost between £0.006 – £0.012 per word.

To get a quote for a project, please feel free to get in touch with me directly.


Getting started

Click the button below to request a free sample edit and I will get in touch to arrange this with you. Once I have reviewed your sample, I will give you a quote for the work and an estimate of how long it will take to complete.


If you agree to go ahead with a full edit, I will require a 50% deposit. Once this is paid, you can send me your full manuscript and I will book you in.