Query Packages

Are you ready to start querying your novel and interested in making your submission package as solid as possible? Then take a look at the list of services I provide below.

Full query package – £100

This package includes a full copy-edit of:

  • Your query letter

  • Your synopsis

  • The first 50 pages of your manuscript

These three things are what most agents tend to ask for in their submission guidelines. I will do an initial edit of these items and then a final read through after you have had a chance to review the suggested changes. This second read will not involve heavy editing and is instead intended to check that no mistakes have been introduced during the review.

Query letter and synopsis package – £50

This package includes a full copy-edit of:

  • Your query letter

  • Your synopsis

As above, I will correct any errors that I find and make suggestions for improvements. After the initial edit, you will have a chance to review my changes and then I will do a final read through to ensure no mistakes or formatting errors have been added.

Individual pricing

If you would rather only have one of the three main items edited, the prices are as follows:

  • Query letter only – £30

  • Synopsis only – £30

  • First 50 pages only – £60

Notes on formatting

Query letter

Your query letter should be no longer than one page, 12pt font. 


Your synopsis should be no more than two pages, 12pt font and double spaced.

First pages

This should be no more than 50 pages, 12pt font and double spaced. If there is a natural break (the end of a scene or chapter) shortly after the 50 page mark, you may go up to that point – within reason.

Getting started

Click the button below to request a query package edit, outlining which of the above services you are interested in.


I require a 50% deposit before work begins and the invoice for the final 50% will be sent with the edited files.